Dear Future Wife,
It took forever to get here, I promise you. Right now I’m 17 and I’m hopelessly in love with another girl who shall remain nameless unless you’re my future wifey. Crap, I already ruined this letter didn’t I? This girl, she was very troubled and I hope to think she is alive and well today. It took so much patience, love, hugs, heartbreak, and tears to get to where we are today. Earlier today, you were in your dress and once you walked down the aisle I might have traded up a little. You might be a brunette, I’m not sure. I just have a thing for brunettes. :) I’m happy that I’m finally on my way to our happily ever after. I feel like crying right now because I just want to be loved & have somebody to love, and now I just got them for the rest of my life and God knows how long ago scared little ——— was afraid of love. Love is a beautiful thing, I might have met you before I wrote this letter, I might meet you tomorrow, and I just nigh not have met you yet. I certainly have played the field for a long time before I settled down with you, to be absolutely sure of where I wanted to end up. I’m pretty sure I’m making breakfast downstairs and you’re all tired from last night with a messy hair-do but I hope you smile when you read this and feel loved exams trust me, you are insanely beautiful. I’m not saying I fell in love because of your looks, although I’m pretty sure you have a cute butt.❤️ I know why I think you’re so beautiful and how I show it. The way I smile right before I kiss you, how you always fix yourself up before we go out even if without makeup you look gorgeous. There are several things. I’m only seventeen right now, I’m scared, I’m worried, and I’m nervous but I know that eventually this will happen. True love will find me the way I found you. “I fell in love the way you fall asleep, slowly, and then all at once.”—The Fault In Our Stars (2014) I hope you know what that movie was, I’m gonna be really upset if you went and saw it with another guy. I don’t know what you’re doing right now. Now you may be on Instagram or twitter, tweeting about ‘bae’, I just know that at this moment while you’re reading I found you. I never ever want to lose you and by the way even if I say I don’t want children, I really do. I’m just scared and nervous I won’t make a good dad. I love you, babe. Come downstairs already so I can kiss you over and over and over and over and over again. Now that I have you, I will never let you go. By the way don’t listen to me when I try to be ‘manly and stuff’, this dude’s just a sensitive guy who’s stroll trying to impress you. You better get down here, the eggs are burning. 
Sincerely, your loving future husband. 
This guy’s got it.
The reason you can stop saying you’re ugly or that you’re not beautiful isn’t because it’s a lie..even if it is. It’s because you’re a girl and of course you’re gonna say you’re not beautiful because how would you know? If I’m a guy why can’t you trust me to tell you the truth when I “rate” you. I don’t like rating you because you’re not a sex object, you’re a girl with a great personality and wonderful smile that shouldn’t rely on looks,makeup, or guys telling them they’re pretty or that they’re ugly. I hate it when you say ‘EWWW, or gross, or no I’m not’ because it’s hurtful to me as your friend that knows you’re absolutely beautiful and I wish I could stop annoying you every time I say it but I could literally tell everyone I know what makes you beautiful. It doesn’t even have to be something physical or a human attribution of beauty but I’m talking about real beauty. Like the way you cover your mouth when you smile is actually kind of sexy, the way your laugh makes me smile like an idiot, how your eyes are so gorgeous they look like they could look through the darkest of things, how your hands are so fragile yet so cute how they could fit into any hand, how when you wear dresses a little part of me gets weak inside when you dress up elegantly and how with glasses you’d probably look dorky but really more of a hot type of smart. I love your eyelashes and how mysterious they make your eyes look but most importantly I love your personality. You’re always making me laugh, you always assume less of people so you aren’t disappointed but when I came along I’m glad that I hopefully made you confide in me to tell me all you have. I’ve been through a lot with you this past year but it’s worth it for me to talk to such an amazing, wonderful, and talented young woman and it’s definitely not over yet; not by a long shot.
True love.